Sergio Uda

Sergio Uda

In 1996, Sergio learned the tricks of the trade from Benny Grootaerts at photo studio Zwiep Genk (Belgium). He was only 18 years old when he won several awards during a photo exhibition.

In 2005, the analog photography darkrooms and enlargers got outdated, so it was time to enter to the digital era and make some space for software and pixels. Photographer and lecturer Johan Doumont has learned Sergio the secrets of Adobe Photoshop and digital photography. That combined with online courses from Kelby One, has made im a passionate photo editor.
One of his quotes became: “People who criticize digital retouching, have never seen a dark room from the inside.

The hunger for more increased. What started as a hobby became a passion. He build his own studio, and participated in glamour and boudoir workshops with esteemed photographers as Frank Doorhof and Frederik Herregods to improve his skills. A couple of years later he started a successful photography business.

You can follow Sergio on several social media as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram to be informed about his last work.
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