My best camera? by Sergio Uda

"The best camera is the one that's with you" said Chase Jarvis, and he's 100% right.

During my vacation in Sardinia, I saw this beautiful sunset in the old Catalan city of Alghero. Addicted to photography as I am, I must take a picture of this natural beauty but I left my camera in the hotel room. Going back to the hotel was not an option, so I decided to take the picture with my phone, a 3 years old iPhone 6 Plus.

Sunset in Alghero - Sardinia

Sunset in Alghero - Sardinia

With the PRO mode on Lightroom Mobile, I was able to control my ISO and shutter speed. After that, I adjusted the highlights and shadows in Lightroom Mobile and I created something stunning.Okay, the quality isn't perfect, and there is a lot of noise, but you have the best possible picture...and thats what matters.

So if you know which settings to use, you can take a beautiful picture...even if 't is shot on a smartphone.

Here we are....again by Sergio Uda

Hi guys,

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Here he is, the first picture of the week.

This picture I've taken with my first DSLR, the Canon 350D. After a couple of years of analog photography with films in darkrooms, this was one of the first pictures that I experimented with in the digital era. The construction of the high-voltage pylon compose an impressive line play. The dark lines with the white clouds in the background, combined with the black and white conversion, gives the photo the power that it needs, the 1:1 cutout leads the eye of the viewer to the center of the photo.